Thursday, 21 January 2010

Doujon Zammit - It Was Only Manslaughter

Marios Antonopoulos was found guilty of manslaughter... not murder... The four jury members (public servants) and three judges, downgraded the charge to purposely assaulting Doujon Zammit to cause serious injuries which led to his death...

The two other men George Chatzioannou and Dimitris Varonas, had also their charges downgraded from being accessories to attempted murder to being present during the attack but without having any intention to kill Doujon Zammit...

Shame on you Greece...

Ο Μάριος Αντωνόπουλος δεν είναι ένοχος δολοφονίας, απλά χτύπησε τον Doujon Zammit και από τα χτυπήματα προκλήθηκε ο θάνατος του...

Τα 4 μέλη των ενόρκων (δημόσιοι υπάλληλοι) και οι τρεις δικαστές μείωσαν την κατηγορία από δολοφονία σε... θανατηφόρες σωματικές βλάβες...

Οι άλλοι δύο συνεργοί, ο Γιώργος Χατζηιωάννου και ο Δημήτρης Βαρώνος, δεν ήταν συνεργοί, απλά παραστάθηκαν (δεν συμπαραστάθηκαν) κατά την διάρκεια της επίθεσης αλλά δεν είχαν σκοπό να σκοτώσουν τον Doujon Zammit...

Ελήφθη υπόψη και ο έντιμος βίος τους δίχως να αναρωτηθούν οι κ.κ. της έδρας, πόσο έντιμος μπορεί να είναι ένας λιμενικός που παράλληλα εργάζεται παράνομα ως bouncer σε night club...

Περιμένατε δικαιοσύνη από τους δημοσίους υπαλλήλους;

Ντροπή σου Ελλάδα...

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GIORGOS said...

Ποια δικαιοσύνη απο ποιούς να περιμένουμε παιδιά;
Απο αυτούς που κρεμιούνται να πέσουν απο την Ακρόπολη για να διοριστούν;
Αυτοί ήταν ικανοί να την πουν στον πατέρα γιατι o Doujon ήταν μόνος στις ερημιές.

info press said...


Οι γονείς πρέπει να έχουν πάθει shock.

Η κατηγορία manslaughter, υπάρχει μόνο στο New South Wales (Sydney) και χρησιμοποιείται σε εξαιρετικές περιπτώσεις όταν αποδεικνύεται ότι ο κατηγορηθείς δεν έχει σώα τα μυαλά του.

Όλες οι άλλες Πολιτείες της Αυστραλίας, έχουν διαγράψει από τα νομικά τους βιβλία αυτή την κατηγορία.

Οι Δικαστές κατάντησαν την Ελλάδα ως την χώρα της ατιμωρησίας και σε πολύ μεγάλο βαθμό ευθύνονται για την διαφθορά.

Σήμερα ντρόπιασαν όλους τους Έλληνες όπου κι αν βρίσκονται σε αυτή την γη.

sharon mykonos said...

My husband was there that night. He can testify to the fact that that night thre was a fight on the Paradise road. Marios Antonopolous was involved and did hit the Australian boys.
It happened as Antonopolous and others have reported.
It was not four bouncers from Tropicana with the intent to kill.
Unfortunately the media have found these men guilty and not the facts of that fateful night.

info press said...

@@@ sharon mykonos

Of course they worked as bouncers, they were not there as community workers.

They are guilty, the court said so.

Next round they will be tried for murder.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so quick to judge? Did you witness this event? Is there no room in your mind for even the smallest possibility of doubt?
That is quite frightening. Unless you were there and saw everything.
Were you?
If not it is simply the story of one story against the other.
One story that has had huge support and sympathy and the ears of the media and the other that was condemned from the outset and vilified.
The men involved were not bouncers. Antonopolous was the only security man involved.
They were found guilty in a court with not one witness present.
All the Australians stayed home.
I know if I saw my cousin having his brains bashed out nothing would keep me away from that court.As it is the Australians testimonies do not add up and so it is in their best interests to stay home.
I'm not saying it wasn't a tragic night it surely was but if innocent men pay the it is twice as tragic.

info press said...

@@@ anon

Were you there during the murder?

Nope, but you know everything.

You are forgetting that a dead body talks.

You are forgetting that the distance is huge and people could not afford the journey to Greece.

The 4 members of the Doujon family were there.

You are forgetting that they were found guilty and the High Court had rejected their appeal for a lesser charge.

They will be tried for murder again.

As we said before, go tell your silly story elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I do not know everything but I do know from hearing everything inside the courtroom that there are unexplained points that need to be addressed.

Lets just follow the case and the facts and see.

Lets keep our clever remarks and sarcastic retorts out of it.

Mens lives are hanging in the balance.

Justice for Doujon does not mean sending the innocent to jail.

info press said...

@@@ anon

The fact is that Doujon is dead and he will never be able to go home and be with his family.

There is no other country in the western world that allows convicted felons to go home.

in Greece public servants are corrupt, or didn't you know that...

And its public servants who sit on juries or didn't you know that either?

Please go create your own blog and do your propaganda on behalf of the guilty.

They were found guilty and the charge is murder.

Got it?

Anonymous said...

Let me repeat your own words.

In Greece public servants are corrupt.

And its public servants sit on jurys.

So finally we agree.

info press said...

@@@ anon

No we DO NOT agree...

Greece is corrupt... Because...

The guilty are not punished...

A prisoner with 28 year prison sentence was allowed to have an 8 day vacation...

That is corruption...

The two convicted felons were allowed to walk...

That is corruption...

Your perception on corruption is your propaganda on behalf of the guilty...

They were found guilty and they will be tried for murder...

Anonymous said...

Sentenced to 28 years and served only 8 days. Iam not familiar with that case but I take your word for it.
Its unfortunate but true that here in Greece like many places in the world some of the guilty walk and
many of the innocent do not.
In the case of Doujon the men will be tried for murder and the verdict will reflect the true events of that night.

info press said...

@@@ anon

He did not serve only 8 days, but he was allowed to have an 8 day vacation that they call rehabilitation and he din't go back to prison as he was supposed to.

He had served only a year of a 28 year old sentence for armed robbery, because the whole system is corrupt.

There is no punishment in Greece and you can ask any Greek.

It's the same corrupt system that allowed the two felons to walk.

Or didn't you know that?