Friday, 14 August 2009

Michael Jackson - Jermaine: My Earth Care Foundation

Last week, Jermaine Jackson was on Larry King Live again.

This time to promote a duet he is doing with King's wife for charity.

The Tribute will be in Vienna Austria on September 26.

The charities that will get the money are three.

First one listed is Feed the Children, second is The Larry King Cardiac Foundation and the third is the Earth Care Foundation which is Jermaine Jackson's secret foundation that we could not find anywhere on this earth...

The Earth Care, has absolutely nothing to do with Jermaine Jackson whatsoever.

So where the heck is Jermaine Jackson's Earth Care Foundation and who will get the money?

Jermaine Jackson has plenty of explaining to do...

Latest news on this subject: Jermaine: And the Show Goes On

An anonymous friend has placed a very important link about Jermaine and his "Foundation" and you can read all of it right HERE

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O Jermaine Jackson με την γυναίκα του Larry King οργανώνουν μία συναυλία στην Βιέννη της Αυστρίας για την μνήμη του Michael Jackson.

Τα χρήματα από την συναυλία θα πάρουν τρεις φιλανθρωπικοί οργανισμοί.

Ο πρώτος οργανισμός είναι Feed the Children, ο δεύτερος The Larry King Cardiac Foundation που δημιούργησε ο Larry King με δικά του χρήματα για να βοηθήσει ανήμπορους ανθρώπους με προβλήματα καρδιάς και ο τρίτος οργανισμός Earth Care Foundation, είναι στην φαντασία του Jermaine Jackson, μπορεί να τον έχει δει στον ύπνο του ο άνθρωπος, αλλά το θέμα είναι ποιός θα πάρει τα χρήματα... αφού είναι ανύπαρκτος οργανισμός;
Δείτε το video στο οποίο ο Jermaine Jackson, αναφέρεται στο Earth Care Foundation.


Anonymous said...

You are correct, there is no information to be found for "Earth Care Foundation" at

In other words, it does not exist.

Sure, it can be put together quickly, but this looks very suspicious.

I feel sorry for Larry King and his wife to be duped like this. The whole thing is beginning to sound like a scam.

info press said...

@@@ anon

Jermaine owes the government more than $ 5 million in back taxes.

I think it would be next to impossible for him to create any kind of Foundation.

Jermaine was taken to court by his former wife who used to be Randy's former wife and Catherine was ordered to pay child support on his behalf.

BTW, this former wife and her children live on Michael's Encino home.

I am certain Larry King did not know anything about Jermaine's nonexistent foundation.

Anonymous said...

Here's a website that looks like it could be the foundation Jermaine was talking about. It also has a link on the bottom to read about Michael's charitable work.

info press said...

@@@ anon

Thank you for the info.

We just found out, the site was created on the 5th of August.

Who is running it and what is the address?

There is no info in it whatsoever, therefore we treat this as a Jermaine scam.

Anonymous said...

Whois information (that appears to be a non existent registrant address btw)

simmie williams design
5815 Hemlock
Gary, Indiana 46403
United States

Created on: 05-Aug-09
Expires on: 05-Aug-11
Last Updated on: 05-Aug-09

Administrative Contact:
Williams, Simmie
simmie williams design
5815 Hemlock
Gary, Indiana 46403
United States
(219) 939-0378

And see here (article and more importantly the COMMENTS) which shed light on Jermaine's "sham" charity

info press said...

@@@ anon

Thank you for the info and the link, which will be placed on my post as well.

It is the best post by far and it is very important for Michael's legacy.

Dr Tohme Tohme is a Lebanese businessman and does not have a medical licence.

At one point, Tohme claimed he was an ambassador at large for Senegal, but the Senegalese embassy said they had never heard of him.

He was also described as a Saudi Arabian billionaire, quite conviniently but he is not.

I think the government ought to scrutinize his dealings.