Friday, 28 August 2009

Jermaine Jackson - Islam, Muslims, Michael Jackson

Jermaine Jackson converted to Islam in 1989.

In the year 2007, he took part in the UK's Celebrity Big Brother and he got paid for it, in actual fact he got more than $450.000.

Come February 2009 and ex-wife Alejandra (also Randy's ex-wife) takes him to court for child support.
He declares to the court that he cannot pay child support, because he only makes $893 a month.
His mother Katherine was ordered to pay child support to Alejandra.

Mrs. Jackson did not have any money of her own, just handouts from Michael.
Therefore Michael was paying Jermaine's child support.

While Jermaine was married to Hazel Gordy, he had an affair with Margaret Maldonado.

Maldonado thought that Jermaine was estranged from Gordy.

Jermaine, left both women pregnant within a space of four months.

Margaret Maldonado has written a book Jackson Family Values Memories of Madness and you can read it on the link provided, chapter by chapter.

As soon as Michael dies, on August 5, he "creates" His Earth Care Foundation to benefit the Tribute Concert money.

A kind reader has given us a link to Jermaine's Foundation.

There is only a mission statement, no address or any kind of indication as to who is in charge of this Foundation but if you need more information you have to email:

And the show will go on, no matter what.

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