Saturday, 21 May 2011

Penny Eims - A Dog Named Max

For fourteen years, Max lived with his family. Being a German shepherd, he was undoubtedly devoted to those who were designated as "his guardian".

But that loyalty and devotion was not repaid to the beautiful dog.

On May 18, he was surrendered to the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter.

Reason for surrender? "He's too old".

Many concerned individuals rallied for the senior dog - touched by his despondent face, frantic networking commenced.

Despite their efforts, Max was killed - just one day after being surrendered.

Who can know exactly why?

When I phoned the shelter to ask about hold times for owner surrenders, I was told 4-5 days, or longer if the shelter isn't too crowded.

Was Max killed because of his age?

His only fault seemed to be some arthritis - very typical in an old dog.

At 14 years of age, Max didn't have much more life - but he did deserve better than dying alone at a frightening animal control facility.

He deserved to have his owners by his side - someone to offer comfort as he drew his last breath.

But his owners failed him - abandoning him.

Did they honestly think that a 14 year old dog would be adopted?

And it would seem that he was failed by the "shelter" as well.... being killed in such a short period of time - no grace period provided for someone to find a rescue.

And the rescues do come for these lovely old souls - to bring them a sense of peace in their final days.

To provide them with love and compassion before they go.

But Max was failed - failed by his heartless owners and failed by the shelter system.

Max didn't know it, but he was loved by many - many people that had never even met him.

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Στη φωτογραφία είναι το πραγματικό σκυλάκι...

Η Penny Eims είναι γνωστή για την αγάπη της στα ζώα και την δουλειά που έχει κάνει στη Washington...

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